Millions of people worldwide are affected by arthritis of the upper extremity.  There are many challenges in dealing with the upper extremity, particularly restoring normal function and motion to the wrist, thumb, and carpal bones. Although conservative and drug therapy treatments may deliver short-term pain relief, these measures often fall short of restoring function. Similarly, most surgical reconstruction techniques used today focus solely on pain relief; the surgeries do not restore natural anatomy and proper biomechanics, and require long recovery times. Other reconstructive attempts targeting the joints of the wrist and hand have not fared well.

Extremity Medical is committed to developing next-generation products using advanced biomaterials and total joint and sports medicine technologies. Through the use of cutting edge biomedical design tools, and applying lessons learned from the efforts of others, Extremity Medical is developing systems that provide biomechanical and anatomic restoration intended to return the patient  to functioning, active living without a long recovery period.

The goal when designing systems is to provide the surgeon and patient with different treatment options dependent upon disease state, desired outcomes, and patient activity level. System designs will include modularity, less invasive techniques, and stable soft tissue reconstruction; with a goal of yielding improved patient outcomes.