Normal foot anatomy is vital to accomplishing daily activities, maintaining overall health, and enjoying life. However, many conditions requiring reconstruction of the bones in the foot are underserved by today’s technology. As a result, specialized implants to reconstruct the foot are amongst the greatest needs in orthopedic surgery.

More than 200 million people in the world have diabetes, and amputations in this population are all too common. Fixation of compromised bones in the diabetic foot, as an option to reconstruct normal anatomy, is often avoided due to high complication rates. The repair and reconstruction of the numerous bones and complex joints of the foot is extremely challenging without the use of specialized devices.

Extremity Medical is focused on delivering those specialized devices to improve surgeons’ options for resurrecting form and restoring balance and function of the foot. The Extremity Medical implants are specific to the physical dimensions, biomechanics, and anatomical requirements of the foot.

This unique system of implants allows a surgeon to resurrect the natural form of the foot through tissue-sparing incisions and fast, easily reproducible procedures. In addition, these implants require fewer, shorter wounds, with minimal wound tension, and are intended to avoid wound-related complications and quickly restore the patient’s quality of life.