Extremity Medical is a young, yet fast-moving, entrepreneurial company with a strong engineering culture at its foundation. We are developing next generation products to address the challenging needs of surgeons specific to treating the distal extremities, including the hand, wrist, foot, and ankle.  Extremity Medical is focused on identifying unmet needs and developing unique solutions for fusion, fixation and motion preserving systems for the upper and lower extremities as currently available products used to address these challenging conditions have not always performed well, and many clinical studies demonstrate sub-optimal outcomes.
Our goal is to address these conditions and become the innovative leader in small bone and joint reconstruction by aligning and collaborating with key institutions and thought leaders and embracing preeminent research at the outset of our programs. This market contains a great deal of opportunity to make significant technological advances, and as a result, improve patient outcomes. We believe that, given our superior designs and improved performance, more surgeons will incorporate our products into their practice and more patients will benefit from these technologies.

For more information, contact Extremity Medical at (888) 499-0079.