Engineering is the cornerstone of our philosophy.  Engineering principles, aligned with the curiosity to ask “What if?” results in thoughtfully designed products that are ahead of the curve.

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OssiGraft™ Viable Bone Matrix – NOW AVAILABLE

Extremity Medical is pleased to announce a strategic partnership for nationwide distribution of OssiGraft Viable Bone Matrix (VBM). OssiGraft, VBM is derived from the vertebral bones of organ donors and is intended for use in orthopedic surgery to support the repair or reconstruction of musculoskeletal defects or injuries. As donors for OssiGraft must meet the stringent criteria for both cell therapies and tissue products, the product is derived from a younger donor demographic and is characterized by a high cancellous bone ratio for optimal bone healing.

OssiGraft Facts: PDF Download

OssiGraft Safety: PDF Download

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We call it OMNI because it is the one system that delivers everything. Lis Franc. MTP. TN. Lapidus. Utility Plates. Thirty different plates–all designed to work with the unique PlantarFiX post.

The Power of the Post.

A revolutionary technology, the PlantarFiX Post will transform your plating procedures, delivering consistent, powerful compression beneath the plate and screw construct.

Designed to:
Optimize Compression Location.
Increase Compression Force.
Increase Duration of Compression.

OMNI Plating System

Let the Revolution Begin

About Us

Extremity Medical develops novel technologies that enhance the mechanical properties of medical devices for extremity orthopedic procedures. Our passion is engineering, and designing creative solutions for surgeons to advance patient care.


By bringing the simple concept of mechanical leverage to extremity implants, the Extremity Medical team has created an innovative Post platform technology. This patented technology offers surgeons a variety of unique fixation options, from stand-alone fixation to plates–all designed to optimize compression and stability, creating a new treatment paradigm for extremity procedures.


We believe education and clinical research are key components to the advancement of patient care. Extremity Medical offers surgeons the opportunity to participate in a variety of training opportunities, ranging from cadaver labs to didactic lectures and industry lab meetings. Extremity Medical also offers sales representatives an extensive course schedule to learn more about our products.